Modern Tactics For A Dangerous World

Learn the world’s most realistic self protection system.
Be your own bodyguard. Protect you and your loved ones from violent attack.

Intelligent Training

Holistic personal safety that is easy to learn and even easier to apply.

Moral and Ethical

Combative system that seeks peace; to avoid and prevent violence.

Dirty | Messy | Brutal

Self protection that has been proven in the real world.

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What Our Students Have to Say

"This program is very well organised and detailed. It helps the person to be more aware and prepared mentally and physically for different scenarios that may put a person or his beloved ones under threat."
Wiam B Karroum
Melbourne, Australia
"When I first started I wasn't really sure what to expect and I was quite nervous and hesitant! John has a very patient and thorough teaching style and I have definitely seen myself progress and improve! Great for confidence and fitness!"
Brooke Hilder
Virginia, USA
"John's approach to teaching is second to none. His approach to self-defence is practical and filled with a wealth of knowledge. The information in his RWC program invaluable."
Anthony Yee
London, UK
If you are serious about protecting yourself and loved one's John's RWC sytstem in the way to go. He teaches very easy to learn techniques that are brutally effective that anyone of any size can learn.
Dave Jones
Meboune, Australia