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About John Wayne Legg

Husband to a loving wife and father of two kids, John is a dedicated family man and has firm moral convictions that permeate the Real World Combat system. John will always tell you that your best option is to avoid a physical confrontation as much as is possible. But, if you have to, finish things quickly and get out of there.

This is a free online case study that will show you why RWC is the most realistic self protection system in  the world, and it will give you the Personal Safety Essentials you need to keep yourself and family safe in this increasingly dangerous world.

John is the founder of Real World Combat International and has been studying and instructing different combative arts for over 35 years. He has trained in different forms of Karate, Kung Fu, Filipino systems, kickboxing, boxing, etc. John is a certified Close Quarters Combat instructor and holds instructor ranks in other systems. However he doesn’t place a lot of credence on this and prefers to approach things from a practical and factual standpoint; what is actually going to work to get you out of a situation and get you home safe.

Here's what people are saying

“ in John’s Real World Combat system changed everything I know about self defense. I’ve used what he teaches both working in security and also as a police officer…” ~ Austin Wragg – New Hampshire, USA
“…very easy to learn techniques that are brutally effective that anyone of any size can learn. I have trained in filipino and indonesian combative arts and the RWC system is the “REAL DEAL”, no katas/forms or point sparring, just real techniques that work in the real world.” ~ Dave Jones – Melbourne, Australia

“As much as I love sport mma I have to admit it is not “real fighting”, in the street there are no rules. John’s Real World Combat system has shown me how to adjust my skills for the street and given me stuff I can teach to my sons and daughters. Plus the psychological aspect alone is of incredible value…” ~ Kenneth Chavez – Mexicali, Mexico

“I carry a firearm everyday but more and more of those rights were being taken away. However, the privilege and responsibility of defending myself and my family did not change… I’ve found RWC practical and the no BS approach has made me feel much more confident in situations where I cannot have my firearm… It has been a focus and confidence changer for me and my daughter.” ~ Timothy Camp – Atlanta Georgia, USA

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