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“As much as I love sport mma I have to admit it is not “real fighting”, in the street there are no rules. John’s Real World Combat system has shown me how to adjust my skills for the street and given me stuff I can teach to my sons and daughters. Plus the psychological aspect alone is of incredible value. Definitely do it, it's a decision you won't regret.”
Kenneth Chavez
Mexicali, Mexico
Joining REAL WORLD Combat has been great for my fitness, health, safety and marriage (every wife likes their husband to have six-pack abbs). The combat training has not only been vital in my desire to protect my family, but is really enjoyable too. Finally a combat system with no bowing and boring kata's, just real people learning real techniques that actually work in the real world.
Chris Sandford
Melbourne, Australia
Real World Combat is an excellent program to give you an edge in realistic self defense. Simple effective common sense techniques that is easy to implement. I highly recommend. My wife accidentally nearly broke my elbows when she implemented John's techniques from his Anti-Rape Tactics.
Carlo Vilar
Melbourne, Australia
“I carry a firearm everyday but more and more of those rights were being taken away. However, the privilege and responsibility of defending myself and my family did not change… I’ve found RWC practical and the no BS approach has made me feel much more confident in situations where I cannot have my firearm… It has been a focus and confidence changer for me and my daughter.”
Timothy Camp
Atlanta Georgia, USA