Join the revolution; Every decent person equipped to protect themselves and their family, against the scumbags and hoodlums of society.

Prevention And Avoidance

Unlike other systems that just teach you to bash people, here at learnrealworldcombat.com we focus on avoiding and preventing violence.

If things do go pear shaped and you have to physically engage your attacker,  the Real World Combat curriculum is designed to work within self-defence laws, ensuring you don’t unnecessarily end up in jail for defending yourself.


Real World Combat is a unique blend of both physical and mental scientific principles. Underpinned by simple and easy to learn techniques that have been proven to work in a real world environment.

The number One Rule of REAL fighting is there are NO RULES. There will be no referee there to pull your attacker off you. You will not have a coach ready to throw in the towel if you get exhausted and can’t go on. You will be on your own! so you need to make sure that you have devastating tools to finish off your attacker quickly and easily.



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