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weapons_weapons-s442x540-43675-580-externalSo many people spend years swapping from one martial art to the next, in search of, the “best” fighting techniques or system. I must confess, I did this for a number of years also. Until I came to the conclusion, it’s not physical techniques that are most important in a REAL fight.

Let me explain. You see, the techniques are actually secondary. Your common street thug who purposely goes out looking for a fight, does not have a black belt or years of experience training in some combat system. Their arrogance would not allow them to humble themselves and learn from someone else. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, so I am generalising here.

This same thug who enjoys getting into street fights, and, in fact, starting them most often, actually has very little in his range of techniques available. What I mean is, he probably uses two or three forms of attack (i.e. sucker punch, head butt, football kick). There is nothing highly skillful about the way he executes them, but he still manages to make them work. Just talk to any security professional who works in bars or clubs, and they can tell you stories of “martial arts experts” getting their butts kicked by some “untrained thug.” Why is this so?

You see, although their physical skills are very limited. They are using their most powerful weapon to demolish and smash right through their victims. They are using their mind! Yep, you may have already guessed it, your most powerful weapon is your mind. Now there are obviously many ways you can use your mind in a combative situation. And the street thug is only really using it, once again, in a limited manner. But it works for him nonetheless.

How can you use your most powerful weapon to protect yourself and those your care for?

1) You can use it like the street thug; have a killer mentality. Now I don’t mean that you actually intend to kill your attacker, but you would if you had to to save yourself or others. What I mean is that you are not concerned with making a particular technique work on your attacker. You are just thinking, I am going to hurt them and cause them pain until they stop being a threat to me/those I care about.

You will do whatever it takes, which could mean ramming their head into a brick wall. It could mean picking up a rock and hitting them with it. It could mean ripping their ear off (level 1 technique in REAL WORLD Combat). You see we are not talking about a sporting event here. We are talking about your survival. Will you be able to go home to your family tonight?

athlete2) You can use it like the athlete; get the hell out of there. Running away as fast as you can, can be a very good way of ensuring your safety. Hang on a minute you say, “that isn’t using your mind.” Well of course it is. You are making a strategic withdrawal from battle. A very powerful tactic in any combat situation (war, street fight, attempted sexual assault). You have used your mind to decide you are better off not being there.

3) You can use it like the negotiator; try to reason with your attacker. Maybe buy them a drink if you were in a bar. Personally I don’t drink, but I’d do this if it meant avoiding a physical encounter. Once the action starts I have no idea what is going to happen, but I guarantee you one thing, I am going to do whatever it takes for me to survive. So I’d rather avoid the possibility of going to prison for crippling or killing a man.

magician4) You can use it like the magician; apply some deceit and misdirection. Magicians rely on getting you distracted/focused on something else while they perform their slight of hand or activate their trap door. On stage, they often use pretty girls, smoke or fire. For close up magic, interesting stories, jokes and a wave of the hand may come into play. A magician only needs to distract you for a split moment, to ensure you will not realise the method of his trick.

We can apply the same principle in two different ways; 1. Say something silly to occupy your potential assailants mind, giving you the opportunity change position or to execute a restraint, strike or takedown. An example of something silly might be, “pink elephants wear green socks.” It doesn’t matter really, as long as it’s silly and takes a moment to mentally process. 2. We can attempt to misdirect their mind off of us and onto someone or something else. This works particularly well will people who are drunk. Some examples of misdirection might be: “Hey mate, they guy over there is giving you a dirty look (misdirection).” “Is that your wallet on the ground there.” “Hey, don’t I know you from somewhere? Didn’t we go to school together?” Now they may sound like strange things to say to someone, but I’ve personally used all three in the process of talking my way out of a physical encounter.

Self defence5) You can use it like the poker player; put quite simply, bluff your way out of the threat. This is admittedly a more difficult tactic to use for some. It requires a good set of brass balls to make it work properly.

Whichever way you use your mind, you are still better off having some skills than none. But don’t fall into the trap of thinking that if you practice “XYZ” skill-set 5000 times that you will be able to protect yourself. You need to learn how to use your mind effectively, and under stress. Some find this easier than others. Either way, we can help you learn to use your most powerful weapon here at

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