Local Church Pastor Defends Against Drug Addicts

We live in a dangerous world where the unexpected can and does happen. As I always say, “learning self-defence is like paying for insurance, you hope you’ll never need it but you’re glad you’ve got it when something happens.” My hope and prayer for all my students is that you’ll never need to use the physical skills I teach. The prevention and avoidance strategies I equip you with do go a long way to ensuring this is the case.

Unfortunately, I know that sometimes no matter how much you do the right thing and try to avoid it, violence will happen to you or those you care for.  This fact and the success stories of our students who have been attacked and been able to protect themselves is the key motivator in why I continue try and reach more people, to equip them to protect against the scumbags…

Local Church Pastor Defends Against Drug Addicts

Let me share with you just one of many stories; A few years ago, John (another John) is was the pastor/minister of a small local church. John spent many late evenings counseling people and other various tasks from the church office, located in what some might consider a less than safe area.

On one of these evenings, there is a loud knock at the office door. He is there by himself so he opens it, only to be accosted with a barrage of punches. John immediately takes action with a technique I had taught him only a few days beforehand. He easily controls and subdues his attacker to the ground, with his attackers accompanying girlfriend screaming, “stop hurting him, please stop.”

It turns out that Pastor John’s attacker and his girlfriend were local drug addicts looking to get some quick cash, so they could buy their next score. They obviously didn’t get any cash but Pastor John did let the guy up after he agreed to stop being violent. He then gave both of them some hot coffee and food; a reasonably happy ending!

Now I’m not saying that all scenarios end this well for those who have attacked our students. In fact, some of my students have been forced to cause serious injury to their attackers, to stop them being a threat and ensure their own safety.

If someone is hell-bent on causing you harm, you will need to use a greater level of violence than they are, to stop them! Those movie scenes you may have seen, where the ‘hero’ peacefully subdues his attacker without even hurting them, are just that, movie scenes. Real life works a lot different than the movies!

Even police and security will regularly require multiple officers to subdue a truly violent person. I’m not talking about someone who is compliant and just does as asked or negotiated with. An individual who is genuinely violent towards you, will require extreme levels of force to control. Just watch an episode of COPS!

Here Real World Combat International, we prepare and equip you for all possible self-defence situations. From the violent psychopath to the drunk and disorderly relative at your family BBQ. We obviously don’t want to hurt our relative, if we can avoid it and they are most likely not genuinely wanting to harm you. There is a massive difference between the two!

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